-An excellent colorful anime full of comedy, drama, fantasy, and yes, even metal :P. I was somewhat apprehensive because of the overall apearance of the show at first (you know, big googly eyes, and manga-ish reactions) but I was pleased to see that they did this just to draw in the more immature crowd who like bright and shiney objects, etc,. The overall plot just keeps on getting thicker and thicker, with new twists and turns that is not often found nowadays in anime.
-The only thing that I can think of that is "wrong" with the show is that it has bad comedic timing, like if someone coughs blood, it gives them a split-second, almost comic-like look to them (this actually does happen).
-Though it is still not my favorite anime, it is surely making its way up my list (cowboy bebop being at the top, of course). It has a great storyline, tear-jerking scenes, (both comedic and tragic)and excellent character-development, the thing that I look for the most to define a good series.

I give this series an A-. Good job Ed and Al!

Just a small author's note: I am not what you would call a typical anime fan (though some of you may say that there is no such thing as a "typical" anime fan, you're just the kind of people I'm talking about). To give you a visual: I am 17-years-old, blonde, straight, normal/somewhat pretty, 125lb girl, who never wears rainbow stockings, OR freaky cat ears, is not in the "goth" group, or any other punk-emo whatever group....and uh...did I forget any other stereotypes, hmmm...oh well it'll come to me later. Anyhoo, I just wanted to say that so you know that you guys are not hearing from the same people over and over again.

Oh. Yea. Watch the show.
Full Metal Alchemist is on my top 5 list of great animes, and I've seen 16.

About the Inu yasha/ full metal thing...uh, which definition do you think your on?
go b*tch about it somewhere else where people might actually care.
by Blue Moon October 02, 2005
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a awesome anime series that is about 2 brothers edward and alphonse elric and the adventures the go on.

after their father ran off cuz of his over aged body their mother becomes ill and dies. then the 2 brothers try 2 bring their mom back. but the transmutation failed, eds leg and als body were took 2 the other side of the gate. ed used his arm for material and transmuted his brothers soul to a suit of armor.

ed gets automail arm and leg from his childhood friend winry and becomes a state alchemist. (fullmetal) with a smartass colonel, roy mustang who gives him missions to help find the philosophers stone. the brothers believe the stone will fix their bodys but little do they know wat the last ingredient is 2 make it and who mostly created and has the true incomplete stone.

when the humunculi capture the stone (yes capture) and use al, ed gets killed and al brings him back but with equivulant exchange al dies and ed comes back but ed say oh hell no and transmuts himself and al comes back with his normal flesh and bone human body and no memorys between when they tryed to bring their mom back and now.

after that the movie al still looks for ed and ed trys 2 get back to his world out of germany where hes striped of his alchemy abilitys and a woman trys to destroy eds world with alphons hedrichs help and he didnt know that she was going 2 try 2 destroy eds world but he makes a rocket powered plane and sends ed through the open gate and ed and al (eds brother) destroy the woman. ed returns to germany leaving al behind to destroy the gate from that side. but al climbed on the eds plane at the mast min and stays with ed 2 help him destroy the gate in germany leaving roy 2 deal with the gate in the other world.
DUDES ED AND AL ARE HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fullmetal alchemist is best movie/series ever!!!
by kittenlolz June 16, 2009
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The best anime I've ever seen and I've seen about 3: Lupin the Third, Inuyasha, and FMA. It has a very good plot, and keeps you interested through out the whole episode.
by The True Spikes July 10, 2005
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A anime that is way better and mor einteresting than Inu-Yasha, Inuyasha has a retarded plot which they have to get some jewel. Just buy a freaking jewel from the store goddamnit. FullMetal alchemistis one of the best anime ever and will always be better than queer ass INu-Yasha (which the characters always die and somehow come back to life).
by GM March 15, 2005
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The real spelling of the dumbass-fan-version "Full Metal Alchemist."

The Japanese title is "Hagane no Renkinjutshi."
Idiots abbrv. Fullmetal Alchemist as "FMA" when the official way is "HAGAREN."
Square-Enix publishes Fullmetal Alchemist.
by Hagane no Renkinjutsushi May 22, 2004
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fails i.e. its not worth watching
just like inuyasha and other cn animu,full metal alchemist sucks
by sun-maid August 08, 2006
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