When you go to some sort of event and there is a whole mess of jokers there.

This implies that there are no other cards in the deck, and the deck is full of nothing but jokers.
"God! Take a look at all these jokers!"

"I know dude. This party is all full deck."
by audiopants February 22, 2008
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(n) A two-handed handjob.
I heard her say "You like a full deck?" so I looked to my right and she was jerking him off with both hands!
by Oona Pelota April 6, 2016
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Yet another way to call someone a fucking dumbass.
Person 1: hey man look at that douche-bag with the popped collar who is wearing aviators inside at night.

Person 2: He's not playing with a full deck
by Con#1 July 17, 2012
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Refers to a person without snap or intellegence, i. e. their brain does not function as a normal person's would.
Why did your brother put his penis in the hot tub jet again?

Oh, he's got a few cards short of a full deck.
by DrHarley06 October 15, 2007
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When adults have mental issues, whether diagnosed, or gone undiagnosed, that lead them to act out erratically, or not like a logical, pragmatic individual.
Example: "they aren't playing with a full deck."

Damien: I ain’t going after nobody! They are fully grown adults. If they choose to go out that door, mad, or whatever, so be it.

Jimmie: Well, they may be fully grown adults, but…

Felicity: (Cutting her father, Jimmie, off). But they aren’t playing with a full deck.
by Danny Boss June 12, 2022
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