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1. Fucking ugly
2. Rediculously unfortunate looking.
3. Not easy on the eyes
4. As heinous as my anus. Enough said.
5. Repulsive in appearance.
A prerequisite for being in the freak show is being fuggly.
by PKlovesyou November 06, 2005
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Dude, that chick is fuggly.
You're mother is one fuggly bitch.
by gat April 07, 2003
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fuckin ugly...and belive me...i've seen a few fuggly people in my day!
That chick is fuggly, it looks like she ran into a brick wall!
by Amanda January 18, 2005
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"The chicks so fuggly, she looks like she's been set on fire and put out with a spade"
by ~P~ August 05, 2008
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Really comfortable pants and shirt (not a matching outfit), but so very ugly, you only wear them when you are at home chillin. They are "FUCKING UGLY", hence "fugglies".
Your old concert t-shirt from your senior high days and a pair of plaid flannel lounge pants, both with holes, both faded and at least 10 years old. They are so your favorite fugglies!
by Bamtwice October 25, 2009
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1)Used to describe the insane amount of knock-off Ugg boots on the market, as if the originals weren't enough... Derives from combining the words faux, ugg, and ugly pluralized.
She thinks she's the shit in her pair of fugglies.
by my_name? February 10, 2005
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