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A two letter phrase from the other words fuck and suck. This term comes mostly from the ethnically diverse prostitution comminity. This term orginiated with the Asian prostitutes as they had not yet picked up on full Enlgish grammar. Hence, fucky sucky, two dollar.
by Sam July 30, 2004
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a crass term referring simply to oral sex. It rhymns, see?
1. Recently I saw the farcical thriller movie Crank High Voltage and there's this scene where a young ethnic Chinese hooker turns to her pimp and says "No fucky sucky for you!" in Chinese.

2. Bryan and Miranda did a 69 in a Jeep by Greasy Lake. It was a double case of fucky sucky.

3. When Paris Hilton's 15 minutes began I got an email that described what occured in her stupid-ass sex tape. Simply, Paris and her boyfriend both did the fucky sucky.

4. A few years ago she got pulled over by the cops for DUI. She was sentenced to the slammer but she got out of there less than an hour later. How did THAT come to be? (Think about it, folks...). Faux News covered all this in a "newsflash". Look at the shallow boobs on that propaganda network. Some people need to GET A LIFE!
by I Saw U2 Live Twice June 24, 2009
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