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Any fucking retarded piece of shit who finances a non rice rocket (NRR) motorcycle because "riding is freedom".

Freedom is not having another payment to the bank. Back in the days before those assholes at Hardley Greedyson took their company public, most NRR motorcycle enthusiasts/bikers owned their bikes. Your dentist/plastic surgeon/accountant did not own a Hardley or any other motorcycle. Corporations didn't buy custom motorcycles for advertising or tax write offs. Bikers were looked down upon as dirty, scumbag criminals, and they liked it that way. Maybe they were scumbags, maybe they weren't, but being a biker meant something besides that you had good credit or disposable income. Rock stars and GIs rode bikes because they were tough, or shooting an album cover, or stealin your woman. There were no gay leather bikers that went outside. Owning an NRR bike meant something. Fuckin Evil Knievel jumped Harleys (not Hardleys).

Nowadays, any fucking idiot fucktard can own an NRR bike, if you've got the credit. Thing is, you'll probably die before the sixth payment. It doesn't mean anything to them, it's just another payment. Having an NRR bike means Rebellion and Freedom, and being proud to ride an American Made Machine (and some cool British ones). When Hardleys started coming with Japanese made parts on them, it was only going downhill from there.

Fuck You, Dentist Bikers, and the lawyer bikers, and anyone who finances an NRR bike. You don't know what freedom is.
That fucking asshole fucktard dentist down the street started his Hardley at fuckin five in the morning today. I'm gonna spray some insulfoam down his pipes so I don't have to hear that shit ever again. All these Fucktard Hardley Riders today, who don't even own their bikes, need to get run off a cliff. We should eliminate all the Fucktard Harley Riders. They're all Fags and Posers. Maybe the real bikers will take 'em all out. That would rule!!!
by Jay buckwheat February 21, 2012
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