A type of behavior that is considered rude, annoying, and fake.
“Girl, Jared said he would call last night, but he never did.”

Oh hell no, I ain’twith that fuckshit
by Dannyphantom17 December 7, 2017
Man all triple A studios put out Battlefield 2042 quality games
Fuckshit ass refers to games put out by triple A companies for a profit rather than for their player base to enjoy a fun game. Battlefield 2042.
by Anon420xblazeitswagswagdank November 6, 2022
When your boyfriend of almost a year doesn't trust you even after you have shown a YEAR straight of growth and change for him. He believes everyone and anyone else of any negative Fuckshit there is. And has no evidence to back up that it's the truth. He flies off the handle calling you all sorts of names and that's fuxk shit. He keeps secrets from you and ignores you when you need him the most.
Ain't that some Fuckshit?!

Kevin why are you doing all these Fuckshit ass things?

Well ain't that some Fuckshit!
by Ac3ofH3artzz May 10, 2022
It's a mission to acquire drugs.

Your friend picks you up bumping 2 Chainz and says "I just got to make one quick stop" and then you drive around aimlessly for approximately 24-72 hours, making multiple stops but never end up at the plugs. Then they drop you off at your house with no drugs and all you wanna do is sleep for 3 days.
Trever: "I just got to make one quick stop"
Josh: "dude I'm really not in the mood for a Fuckshit Mission"
Trever: "no it'll be quick I promise"

Delaney: " who could we call for a ride to the plugs house? "

Cody: "definitely not Maddi, she'll take us on a Fuckshit Mission"
by Lux1999 March 17, 2022
an uncommon way to refer to fortnite
me: time to ping my friends to play fuckshite
totally real friend 1: ill be on in 10 minutes (gets on in 20 minutes)
totally real friend 2: maybe
by morbinmogus July 1, 2022