1. 100 times worse than being just fucked up...having been very shit-housed (very drunk)

2. Having been very messed up with a potent drug (marijuana, crack, you name it brahh)

3. To have been in a terrible situation, where shit just got real
1. "Hey home skizzlet last night I might have gotten fucked the fuck up and hooked up with your sister...my b."

2. "So i just took the biggest hit of my life...Im definitely going to be fucked the fuck up after this."

3. "Some hoe just smashed into my car for the 19th time...this situation is pretty fucked the fuck up.
by Kaybaybaybay October 6, 2009
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A phrase used while intoxicated during an argument. You have taken an opposition stance to a point being made in conversation but due to being rat arse drunk you cannont convey your viewpoint coherently
"I feel Huey Lewis is a very under rated talent in contemporary music"

"Ummm Up fuck your fuck up up"
by SteveDave May 9, 2003
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It’s a statement that you can say when people attack you for no reason and you want to take action but you don’t know how to exactly do. It’s been used from Lana Del Rey on Twitter when she was attacked by Azealia Banks for Kanye West stuff.
“You’re a fat bitch”
Say it to my face bitch. I wont not fuck you the fuck up
by Mirinat October 14, 2018
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On today’s, how fucked up is fucked up? The phrase says it all except you will follow it up what is fucked up.
Person 1-On today’s, how fucked up is fucked up? “Shows his car fucked up”, this is fucked up.
by Hankscolts December 2, 2022
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