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<British Slang>
A term used to describe an unfortunate situation which is usually the result of one or more persons taking advantage of another. Under normal circumstances the person does not know that they have been 'Fucked over' until it is too late.

Being 'Fucked over' does not normally relate to physical violence/assault; it is more suited to describing a feeling of betrayal experienced when one realises that someone you once trusted has been deceiving you for their personal gain. Also see pulled a fast one.
Elliott was really let down when he discovered that his friend had be lying to him for the last six months.
by Marwick84 May 31, 2005
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What ubisoft dose to all their customers.
Oh you bought the rainbow six siege year 2 pass? looks like you just got fucked over!
by Ben Dover Ans-predem. May 17, 2017
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When some one is in a lot of trouble and can't get out or if you can't be bothered doing in something
Oh ye that lad over there is fucked over
by Someone72436 October 25, 2018
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