Eyes were people think you want to fuck them.

Sometimes though it’s just there eye shape
-guy across the room- “she has fuck me eyes, I’m so getting laid!”

-approaches female with said eyes-
-she declines him-
by Robert._. November 7, 2019
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the eyes say "fuck me" without the mouth saying a word
I saw those fuck me eyes she had, and I knew I was getting lucky
by Spencer Cox September 29, 2005
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A request uttered, shouted or grumbled by a pirate (or two pirates at one another) when they lusting for eye socket fornication.
"YARR, we've been out to sea far too long, and the hole in my rump has gotten all rotted up. Sickly and vile, unsuitable for penetration. So, FUCK ME EYES! YARR!"
by The MackDaddy of the Seven Sea September 14, 2009
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