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"Drunk as fuck," implying that the speaker is so intoxicated as to misspeak the original expression.
"Dude I just finished the whole deck riding the bus. Now I'm fuck as drunk."
by Zephyr135 November 27, 2011
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Fuck as duck is when the speaker is so drunk he slurs his words. Getting fucked as drunk refers to when you want to test the limits of your drinking abilities. This is also referred to as drinking like a soldier because it’s common in the barracks in Korea, where that’s the only pass time. You become aware that your fucked as drunk when the toilet seat becomes like a pillow. You also slerr your words like Ricky from the trailer park boys.
Hey Todd I got some vodka And Budweiser! Wanna get fuck as drunk?

Todd: bro your already fuck as drunk, because you’re slurring your words
by Fucked as drunk June 09, 2018
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