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The Fuccboi of all fuck boys, unlike its counterpart Fuccboi Cadet. Fuccboi is someone who is unable to talk to women. Fuccbois can be found sagging their pants, putting gel in their hair, and wearing high tops. Fuccbois love to brag about how expensive their shorts or shirts cost, which usually look like females clothing. The fuccbois natural habitat is usually at a mall, or trap, with other fuccbois of other rankings.
Bill: You see Zetts today?
Taylor: Yea he is a total "Fuccboi", look how he sags his pants!
Bill: I know right?! He has like 2 gallons of gel in his hair!
Taylor: More like 5 gallons!!!! and them busted ass high tops!! LOL!
Bill: Yea total "Fuccboi Elite"!
Taylor: Exactly! and you're the "Fuccboi Cadet"! With your old duck walking ass!
by RehashRep June 01, 2015
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A fuccboi who cant be surpassed by any other fuccbois in his general location! Usually a male that is bad at talking to women, or has homo erotic tendencies.
Bill: Hey you see zetts yesterday?
Taylor: Yea, look at the way he dresses, with his pants sagging and hair all gelled up...
Bill: Exactly! and he thinks he is on fleek! lol!!!
Taylor: He is the "Fuccboi Elite"...but you Bill...your just a Fuccboi Cadet!
by RehashRep May 31, 2015
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