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A frutiy retard see also fruit tart
a stipid gay retard,a silly faggot
a person with no common sense concering how or why certain things they say or do may be considered to be gay.
get the fuck of me you fukin fruit tard!
a guy watching a football game who says somethin like -why are thier pants so tight?- is an example of some one asking a stipid and gay question
by the shiesty one October 11, 2006
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1. A mentally incapable faggot who is generally ignored for both their retardation and personal preferences.

2. A general dumbass who acts erotically around guys.
1. Look at Richard trying to flirt with Louis over there! What a fruittard!

2. James, get off of me you fucking fruittard!
by SanePsycho May 31, 2018
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