When two men are having anal sex (back to chest) and the man penetrating reaches around to massage the balls of his penetratee, so they tuck into his abdomen; he then rubs down/up the penis, into the scrotum, as if it were some vagina and clitoris.
When my girlfriend cheated on me I left her for the cutest Fruit Roll-Up from way back when.
by GGLS1159986 March 27, 2017
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When a girl wraps a fruit roll up around your penis and she licks/sucks/nibbles the candy until is dissinagrates on your penis (intercourse highly not reccomended afterwards)
"What did you and that chick do last night?"
"She gave me a fruit roll up if you know what I mean bro."
by JustOutOfCuriosity March 05, 2016
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When you bust a nut so good that you fall asleep, wake up, and have to peel your dried cum off your stomach like the wrapper on a Fruit Roll-Up
After jimmy found the video he'd been looking for all night, he had to Fruit Roll-Up himself in the morning.
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by Binkular Stinkular December 15, 2018
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when your nut sack sticks to your leg and you have to peel it off like a fruit roll up
Man, it was 97 degrees out today and had the worst case of fruit roll up
by JtothemuthafuckinB October 15, 2007
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Youre camping and shit and you see a rainbow sleeping bag, "Yo, look at that fruit rollup" and in an act of sexuality discrimination you push him down a mountain.
by MELANiE February 03, 2005
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Flavored plastic sheets rolled up in silver plastic wrappers. enjoyed by flabby, overweight pre-teens everywhere.
I hate Fruit Roll Ups because they stick to my back teeth and then I have to taste them for even longer than I want to....
by Shawn B. April 30, 2003
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