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when a man pees inside a woman's vagina or a man's asshole while having intercourse
I would've told him what kind of fruit juice I liked, but I didn't realize he liked that kind of fruit juice.
by cakepop1 February 28, 2017
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Used to describe s straight man who does something considered to be gay or feminine. In the movies Jay might use this word to Describe Silent Bob.
man 1: I had to wash the dishes today after work.
man 2: Isn't that supposed to be your wifes job, fruit juice?
man 1: *bumps into man 2*
man 2: watch it, fruit juice!
by Kaz Moses April 01, 2004
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A retarded staff member who spends all his time playing Fortnite and GMod over unturned, but still has NO DUBS
Yo Fruitjuice just got demoted!
by p0rxyissorxy May 25, 2018
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When a male buys an all American pie, uses the filling as lotion for his dick. Once the filling is to thin to see gets a blow job so when he cums instead of his nasty foul cum you might taste lemon or Apple all with same great texture you love in cum.
Bon Que-Que: Oh my God Kriste did you hear about Michaels cum every female in this school swallows for him, that's foul.
Kriste: No you dumb ass Michael uses fruit juice on his dick that's why it taste so good.
by Real fuck nigga October 24, 2017
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