Another name for Lambeau Field, the site of the legendary Ice Bowl..
Hey, I'm gonna tail gating at Frozen Tundra
by Cheesehead June 29, 2004
Taking a shit. Freezing it. Then banging a chick with your frozen shit. Frozen Tundra!
Jacob frozen tundra'd Carol last night.. she said she loved his ice cold shit!
by B13K March 31, 2009
when you are married for longer than a year and your wife doesn't want sex any longer. These women mostly live in Wisconsin,Minnesota,Iowa
" Hows are you and Jill doing" Geoff asked "Fine other than I am married to a frozen tundra fish!" " You should have married Deb from Nevada"
by acrowsshadow71 May 13, 2010
Putting your clothes in the freezer whine drunk with a person of the opposite gender.
Person 1_ What'd you do last night? Person 2_ I played eskimos in a frozen tundra.

Person 1_ Lucky you, was she hot?

Person 2_ Oh yeah.
by Sexy Kameron March 9, 2017