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a very unknown melodic death metal band. but they sound really good, if they would be just a bit more known, they would have so many fans. oh, and the have a myspace page too. more info from there:

Frozen Eternity is widely known for their melodic, yet powerful sound. They combine the heavy grinding force of death metal, exceedingly colorful keyboard melodies and biting vocals to create a very illustrious sound.

FE formed back in mid 2005 by two teens, Cody Davis (Vocals/Guitar) and Josh Dummer (Guitar). After a few months of recording, they released a full length album, "Forgotten Past," in 2006. After much success of the album through Myspace and other music related sites, the two founders decided it was time to gather a full line-up of members. That was when Chris Jones (Drums) Paul Jones (Bass) Cody Dale (Keyboards) were all added to the list. They began playing many shows across their home state of Colorado in 2007 and have also recorded and released another CD entitled "Dreams Turned to Ashes."
guy1: omg frozen eternity is so fucking good!

guy2: who the fuck is frozen eternity?
by anonymous88888 May 29, 2009
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