Someone who is consistently bailing on plans that are supposed to occur before noon.
"So why couldn't he meet us this morning?"

"I'm not sure man, he is such a frosted flake."
by Radmire April 19, 2010
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My boyfriend is so nice & sweet, but always cancels plans the last minute. He's such a frosted flake.
by July 15, 2010
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A person that makes plans with you then they alway bail last minute but they sugar coat their excuse so you forget how flakey they are so you keep making plans with them.
Susan: “Tina isn’t texting me back. She’s supposed to come over soon”

Elena: “you know she isn’t coming she always flakes “

Susan: “what do you mean she said she was coming why would she...... omg. I forgot. She is a frosted flake........ ughhhhh that bitch she always does this to me”
by EllaElla October 29, 2017
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a cerel that is not only real yummy, but has the most awsome animal in the world advertising them -tony the tiger!
"dude, pass me the milk so i can eat my FROSTED FLAKES" "sure thing, man"
by like, dude! May 28, 2003
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When a guy cums on girl and it drys then they peel it off.
Cristin had a frosted flake on her arm the other day.
by daultonn July 10, 2008
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someone who bails all the time and gives shitty/sketchy excuses to make up for their flakiness
Reginald: Hey Reg, wanna go for a movie later tonight??
Regina: Sorry Reg, my appendix just exploded.
Reginald: Oh ok, frosted flake. See ya later

Darius: Sammi was a total frosted flake last night. She told me we'd hang out but then said she needed to babysit her grandma.
Fred: Dawg what a dirty pirate whore. Hit up her little sister instead.
by evalakerfan June 30, 2011
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When a girl has pubic dandruff and you ejaculate onto her flaky crotch.
Jessica wanted to use Head and Shoulders anti-dandruff on her vag but I suggested we try getting kinky by frosting her flakes. After I was done I suggested Frosted Flakes to a good friend who also had dandruff
by Croblse December 18, 2014
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