When a person inserts an ice cream sandwich into their anus and proceeds to let their partner eat it.
My girl gave me a frost giant and an ice cream sandwich has never tasted so good.
by Yepyupyou July 7, 2021
When you think you're gonna cum but then you don't. But then you DOOOO....a lot.
One time I was banging this chick and I thought I was gonna nut but I couldn't but then she did this crazy kegel shit and I totally frost gianted all over dem titties
by Shipshape July 4, 2014
When you totally destroy your opponent, but then you still lose because the opponents race is OP
So what you lost the game Marc, that was a total Frost Giant win
You are right. I did bop him up and down the sidewalk
by FrostGiantGaming November 4, 2020