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Salzgau is the German holiday to commemorate those affected by the notable drought in Salzburg, Germany in 1859. The Salzach river was the primary water source for the townspeople of Salzburg, but the river became salinized due to salt leakage from the nearby Austrian salt mines. As a result, the city of Salzburg and many neighboring cities had no fresh water for many years creating an effective drought. Because of this tragedy, a holiday was established to remember and celebrate the townspeople affected by this drought. To celebrate this holiday it is common to say "Frohe Salzgau" to your loved ones, as well as to consume salty foods and snacks. Due to the popularity of this holiday, it has spread throughout Europe and even across the atlantic to the United States.
*today is Salzgau*
A: "Frohe Salzgau"
B: "Wut"
A: "Oh you don't speak german... Happy Salt Day"
B: "Cool let's eat pretzels lol"
by sunshinespy April 07, 2017
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