noun 1) someone of the homosexual lifestyle; 2) Harry Ryan; 3) One who enjoys male anal sex
by Saze and Des February 21, 2005
When something stops working, malfunctions, or acts in a way contrary to its usual manner.
I would've called you, but my phone is on the fritz.
by kid chameleon January 15, 2004
Fritz is a really cute and the nicest guy you will ever meet. He likes older girls but every one loves him. If you get a friend named fritz keep him he is wonderful. Everyone needs a friend like fritz. He has rocking abs. Fritz is generally with the popular crowd but is very smart.
GIrl 1: Omg is that Fritz.

Girl 2: Omg it is he is so cute.
by Hello0000000800 June 12, 2020
Known as lord or god of the catapillars. The name is usually associated with kings or of royal authority.
"Look over there, it's a Fritz!"
by Wafflesforlife1 November 20, 2015
A term referring to a soldier of the German army, typically used by Americans in World War II. To be compared with kraut, or jerry.
Fritz has set up a minefield ahead, so watch your step.
by Raptor October 23, 2004
what all women really wish their man had
"he's good but he's not fritz"
by Scott Christianson October 26, 2007