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Frisco is the gayest city in Texas. It's a bunch of privileged bitches who think they have an ass and think they are cool because they know how to woah. All the bitches think they're the shit because they listen to Migos. They are a bunch of dumb fucks who vape because they think the juul is cool . Uber drivers are confused as fuck because they pick up frisco bitches at 2 am and take them to Allen or Plano where the bitches go fuck random dudes and then call it rape so they can sue them and get more money to buy fucking mango pods. Every bitch pussy smell like a fish and all anyone cares about is having clout. The guys all run trains like Thomas and everyone there cheats on each other. Every bitch dresses like a fucking skank. All the Frisco schools are gay asf. And every bitch thinks they're cool because they "confronted sOmeOne foR tAlkIng sHiT." They suck at making tik toks like shut up hoe. and stop fucking screaming "PERIODTTTT."
dude where do you live ?

I live in frisco texas
what the fuck go make a tik tok you bitch
by yeadude111 May 02, 2019
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An absolute cesspool (in the highschool department atleast) filled with kids ranging from e-boy/girl to tik tok thot/hypebeast. Its not a fun place to be schooled and you are low life scum if you don’t have a car planned for you as soon as you hit fifteen. In frisco, we are all rich kids here. INCLUDING ME I GUESS. Please leave as soon as possible and dont suck on daddies wallet.
by FriscoSIMP July 04, 2020
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It has a really bad tiktok infestation. And kids are basic from e-boys/girls to hype beasts and thots. Everyone who says they are normal are closet thots or straight up simps.
Plano elitist: You from Frisco Texas
Me: Yeh

Plano elitist: RUN
by FriscoSIMP July 04, 2020
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