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A school-shaped toilet frequented by failed students, drug addicts, single moms, and black people whom attempt to get a quality education.

On average, a 6 Year Institution for a 2 year diploma (equivalent to toilet paper in the working world).

Classrooms are smaller than your average washcloset, yet are often filled with more Mexicans than the DMV.

21.4% Chance of getting raped after 6:00 p.m.; unfortunately, there are only 4 Emergency Call Stations on campus.

With 28,000 students, parking is harder to find than someone who actually knows how to spell "College".

City life in Fresno, California is more bland than one of Dane Cook's comedy specials.

Fresno City College frequently mirrors the zoo, as you'll often be matriculating with chimpanzees and chihuahuas that are just as likely to throw their feces or hump your leg.
Nicole: Hey, should I go to Fresno City College next year; I want a good job?

Christina: You could... Or you could start working your way up the McDonald's coporate ladder, as you'll end up there anyway after graduation.


John: Dude, why don't you go to City next year?

Alex: Why don't I just go to prison and get anally raped half as much.


Sam: Kelly, I'm gonig to Frseno City next year!!!

Kelly: Wow, if I had a nickel for every successful person to graduate from City, I'd have two nickels.
by President Obomba December 14, 2009
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Fresno city college is just a dump that calls itself a junior college. Most of the minorities there are gang members, sex offenders, rapists, and other stereotypes. The mexicans are stuck up and racists, the blacks are just stupid as hell, and the poor white trash will more likely rape you in the ladies bathroom. The asians there are mostly Hmong and Thai who treated the campus like they're still the Vietcom death camp. Takes most Mexicans seven or eight years to complete a 2 year degree
Maria: Oracle, hyde, I'm going to Fresno City college for my marketing degree
Ishsha: Girl, how long is it going to take you?
Maria: 6 years because I'm on the cal-works program
Ishsha: Me Too! You got some weed?
by Cherry Malabimba June 29, 2011
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