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The complete loss of social, sexual, and spacial inhibition associated with first leaving the parental home to enter higher education. Characterised by over-drinking, stupid dancing loud, loutish behaviour, indiscriminate promiscuity and general disregard for ones personal safety and reputation.
Common Phrases: "No condoms..? Well...YOLO!!" : "Hey, what happens in Kavos, stays in Kavos!!" : "A century of shots in one hour? Challenge accepted!!"
Girl 1: Have you seen Ella lately?
Boy 1: I've seen a LOT of Ella lately!
Girl 1: Meaning?
Boy 1: Its still freshers week and last night I saw 2 boys leave her room, she came out 5 minutes later, half cut and totally naked singing "I won the salami!!"
Girl 1: HAHA!! That's definitely fresher's syndrome
by belgianwaffler90 January 21, 2013
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