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The act of going through your facebook and cleaning yourself out of unwanted friends.
I gave myself a frenema last night and flushed away 86 people from my facebook.
by DanInATL October 21, 2011
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1. A cleansing period to hang out with new, interesting people; instead of the regular idiots you normally associate with.

2. Enema (length of vinyl hose, full of shitty beer) administered by your best dudebro(s).
1. "If not for taking this Frenema, I'd still be listening to the Kings of Leon"

2. "Hey Breh, I just picked up two Thirties of Natty Ice. Hook me up with a Frenema?"
by pompilot July 22, 2009
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A "frenema" is an enema given to a frenemy.
Kate: If that Suzy doesn't stop talking about me behind my back, she is going to get it.
Beth: What are you going to do, bitch-slap her?
Kate: Nope, is she doesn't watch it, that frenemy is gonna get one hell of a frenema.
by overlordofmu June 10, 2010
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