To masturbate by placing one's penis between a woman's breasts.
Definition of clinical insanity: when you would prefer to be submitting entries to the Urban Dictionary rather than having a French fuck with Britney.
by Dunky Oggins January 02, 2004
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Like French kiss but you put your whole foot as far as you can down your partners pussy until it hurts so much
Jared stop French fucking me ahhhhhhhhh....
by Senpai the 1 February 25, 2020
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Stimulation of the male organ by sliding your rod in between a nice huge set of tits until climax
I gave Maria a nice French Fuck in between her huge gazongas. The result was banana juice all over her yapper.
by Pepper November 08, 2004
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The act of giving in to something regardless of it being regrettable, such as pity sex, after the stereotype of the French to surrender often.
They keep asking me to take that position because noone else will, I'll be French Fucked if that ever happens.

She doesn't like him but he wouldn't leave her alone, so she French Fucked him.
by UltimateCarnage June 04, 2017
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Standard cock-in-cunt fucking but with one or both partners simultaneously sticking a finger or thumb up the other one's ass.
I thought our sex was already good, but when we French Fucked, it was better.
by sexy aunt sally April 29, 2012
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a form of hair sex. the male stands over the female's head while she's on her hands and knees and align his erect penis with the underside of her frenchbraid along her head then grab hold of her head and take her for the ride of her life however hard, fast, easy, slow, hardcore that u want. Even lay her down on her stomach and ride her head on the pillows.
My girlfriend had me ride the fuck outta her head and French Braid Fuck her till i came all over her beautiful thick brunette hair till it was tinted in semen.
by head_fucker_hair_jizzer July 26, 2010
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the coolest person on the earth. people usually refer to him as "andre the giant" or "frenchy"
i wonder what andrew mother fucking french is fucking up tonight?
by andrew mother fucking french January 04, 2012
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