The french fries remaining at the bottom of a fast food bag after the rest of the meal has been consumed.
Jack wasn't completely satisfied with his value meal until he realized that there were nine members of the french resistance at the bottom of his bag.
by RichWI September 21, 2007
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Resisting to something, but not quite much - it's very likely that the resistance won't hold for long. Reffers to the French, who couldn't hold Nazis for long in WWII.
A: Are you going to order that piece of pie or are you keeping your diet?
B: I think I'll pass, but I'm probably just French Resisting.

A: So, did you manage to go out with that girl?
B: No, not yet, but I think she's just French resisting. One more week and I'm done.
by luizbf February 7, 2010
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