An object or being in a video game that causes everything to glitch, break, or crash.
In this game i managed to bug myself out od the map using a Freddy
by Games N Stuff April 22, 2023
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Freddy AKA infected lips, a victim with the biggest lips in south, his head looks like harttys destroyed bed frame and he gets a trim once every fortnite
Ahh your moist, your a freddy.
Don’t get treated like an adu
by Freddy’s breathe kicks🤮 November 22, 2018
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An object or being whose presence in a video game causes everything to break, glitch or crash.
The freddy in the stanley parable: ultra deluxe, is the bucket
by Pee Pee Doctor March 29, 2023
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loves music. quite retarded, thinks he is the best, ginger hair
"Look at that Freddy"
by kirilg April 6, 2022
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people say its a nice hot boyfriend (probably because their name is Freddy). but nah, that's a bear robot that has a soul inside of him.
girl: "my boyfriend is SO hot, AND his name is Freddy."
me: "oh, so . . . your into bear's."
by Zrtg5trg5t February 5, 2022
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When your partner grows out their fingernails to an extreme length on one hand and then fingers you with the long sharp Freddy Kruegar-like nails.
I've been waiting for months for my boyfriend to give me a Freddy Fantastic.
by Bantypants April 10, 2022
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When all the Stoughton Dimes, thots and hoes alike get together. Masturbate in a circle while moaning “Freddie Harris III!! YAAASSS” then proceed to orgasm.
“Girl I thought of sexy Freddie and my I imagined him busting my guts” “Bitch I need a sexy Freddie to blow my fucking pussy out”
by FreddieKing March 9, 2020
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