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1. When stranded in the Brocono Mountains, exploring all surrounding homesteads for suitable firewood to support your insatiable desire for beer and women henceforth resulting in the kleptomania of hanus amounts of uncompensated firewood (and simultaneously packing the fattest skoal spearmint gooches imagined by mankind).

2. When sorostitutes attend frat parties in seek of long hard frat wood, only to realize that their frat daddy has developed erectile dysfunction due to weeks of hazing and cocaine abuse. Said sorostitute resorts to "fratting for wood" by hitting on every frat guy she encounters hoping to deliver to her sacred flower blossom the trunk of a frat guy's pedigree.
1. Frat guy #1: DOOD! we're out of firewood!
(two hours and 14 beers later)
Frat guy #2: Yo let's go fratting for wood, it's getting cold in this STP.

2. Frat guy #1: DOOD! those sluts are totally trying to get fucked at our party tonight....
Frat guy#2: yeah man, they've been fratting for wood ever since their boyfriends passed out from speedballs. Ima about to give her the timber ;)
Frat guy#1 and frat guy #2: fraaaat.
by Mr. Tau December 26, 2010
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