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When you're from Franklin Lakes, everyone in New Jersey knows about your town.

You know you’re from Franklin Lakes when:
- You go to the Dunkin Donuts after school at FAMS
- You have been to the Indian Trail Club at least sometime in your life
- Most of your shopping is done at the Market Basket
- You attend MBS only on Easter and Christmas (only if you’re Catholic)
- Seeing Phil Simms around town is a normal thing
- You have gotten hit on / talked to the guy at the Citgo Station at least once in your life
- You know the Lukoil in town in the place to get underage tobacco products
- People from other towns are obsessed with your house
- In addition to owning a huge house in town, you also own a vacation home at the Jersey Shore
- If you went to FAMS, you had Ms. Wulster for Phys. Ed. some point in your time there
- The majority of the kids who go to FAMS end up going to a private high school versus going to Indian Hills or Ramapo
- The majority of the moms drive a Tahoe or an Escalade
- You have a hard time deciding which of the 3 pizza places in town to order from
- Bagel Nosh is your go to breakfast place
- The Bar / Bat Mitzvah’s are more extravagant than the average wedding
- You tell people Michael Jackson lived here
- Every kid played for the “War Eagles” growing up, whether it was baseball, football, or basketball
"Yo man you know where I can get a tin?"
"Have you tried the Franklin Lakes Lukoil?"
by puh_trish_uh_sir_bow December 20, 2016
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151 richest town in the US. In bergen county new jersey. Home to asshole rich kids, expensive cars and real designer bags. A place where one could count 10 or more mercedes/bmw's on the way to the supermarket. THE place to go for the best rolled dutches, hands down.
Being from franklin lakes, he could not chose between an M3 or an Escalade for his 17th birthday.

The rich family from franklin lakes had a hard time deciding if they wanted to buy property in the hamptons, nantucket, or a south beach penthouse.

Being rich aint easy.
by Ryan Hiz September 19, 2005
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Franklin Lakes, New Jersey: Like no other. ;)

You Know You’re From Franklin Lakes When...

-75 percent of your grocery shopping is done at the Market Basket.
-If you're go to MBS but only on the big holidays.
-You own 3 cars, at least one is an Escalade/Hummer.
-Your house has 7 bedrooms, but your family consists of only three people.
-You live in a McMansion.
-Your garage is bigger than normal people's houses.
-You have a pool that’s never used because you don't spend your summers in Franklin Lakes.
-You probably have more than one house (Vermont, Florida, Jersey Shore.)
-The Sweet 16’s on “My Super Sweet 16” don’t even compare to yours.
-You have a work out room and a library in your house that you don’t use.
-You had Ms. Wulster for Gym.
-You got really excited that Franklin Lakes got a Dunkin' Donuts
...but at the same time you think it’s crap we don't have a Starbucks and Wyckoff does.
-You watch shows like Laguna Beach and don't understand what's so crazy about people having so much money.
-When you turn 16 your parents will get your “okay to crashcar like a Mercedes or BMW but not to worry, you’ll get that Lamborghini or Ferrari for your 21st birthday.
-Know there is a definitive rich section and “not so rich” (aka not rich for Franklin Lakes but not close to the poverty line either) section of Franklin Lakes.
-You never set foot in the Franklin Lakes library.
-If you go to FAMS you think it’s cool to hang out at Dunkin Donuts or Subway.
-If you went to FAMS and see the kids at Dunkin Donuts/Subway--you think they're the biggest losers in the world.
-You know that FAMS used to be called FAGS (Franklin Avenue Grammar School.)
-The gas attendant at the Citgo has hit on you.
-You own a Tommy Cheng shirt.
-The “poor kid’s” dads are just doctors and lawyers pshaw, they can’t compare to your C.E.O. dad.
-You know the guy at the Quick Shop by his first name---(NJ for those who don't)
-You know the difference between those who chose to go to Hills and those who chose to go to Ramapo.
-You've been asked "how big is your house" from people from other towns.
-You have a Spanish maid and you probably don't know her name.
-Your landscapers hit on you even though they don’t speak English.
-You have a membership to Indian Trail Club and/or Shadow Lake.
-You get your jollies from telling people that Kelly Ripa, Keith VanHorn, that big giant guy from the movies, and Phil Simms live/lived in your town.
-You own atleast 12 Coach, Luis Vuitton, Chanel Prada, Kate Spade, Gucci bags, etc.
-Your closet consists of Juicy Couture, Bebe, and Lacoste.
-You go tanning every other day to the point of being orange.
-Your mom is addicted to Botox and liposuction.
-Your mom thinks she’s some hot shit wearing her little Abercrombie and Fitch outfits.
-You know everyone that works in Market Basket, Elegant Nails, and Indian Trail Club.
-You know who Dr. Klinger was.
-You know that Ramapo is really in Franklin Lakes and thinks Wyckoff should get their own damn high school.
-You know that Mrs. Scott slept under her desk between classes..
-If you went to HMR you had Mrs. Garber and wondered how she walked in those crazy outfits and heels and how she wrote with those 7 inch nails.
-You know that Mrs. Prunk was Miss Mulvaney.
-Your dog has its own personal trainer.
-You transferred from MBS to FAMS or vice versa..
-You have an elevator in your house.
-You couldn’t wait till fifth grade when you could finally ride in the back of the bus.
-You know who to get your weed from in Ramapo.
-You’ve been buying alcohol underage since you were twelve.
-You have had your own chauffer/nanny/caretaker since you were little because your parents are never home.
-You know that the Wyckoff kids are just wannabes.
-You know that everyone just wishes they were from Flaker Town.
"Yo, Yofwanda did you hear about that party in Franklin Lakes at the 80,000 square foot house?"
"Yeah, Sha-neigh-neigh. Too bad we live in Paterson and can't go."
"I hate Flaker Towners."
"You say it, homegirl."
by Flaker Town Flakey April 13, 2007
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A chill town in bergan county where 95% of the kids have a lot of money and the other 5% are pretty wealthy, too. Only half of them are stuck up and bratty, while the other half spend most of their time trying to avoid the brats. A lot of nice houses and cars can be found here. It's home to the Market Basket and FAMS, the middle school that used to be so cool but now sucks because of the gay 2004 8th graders... it's got a subway, a stop and shop, franklin lakes bagels, piazella, hallmark, and Ramapo Highschool, which FL shares with Wyckoff and some of Oakland. Pretty much, a boring town. Kids are called "flakers" and like to call it "flakes". A lot of the kids like to hang out in Ridgewood because it's so boring there.
"There's nothing to do in Franklin Lakes.. ever"

"That bitch in the Mercedes had to be from Franklin Lakes."
by Popster October 06, 2006
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Franklin Lakes' Girls' Snobbish attitude reflected in a pupil's choise of high school: Blue Collar Indian Hills versus White Collar Ramapo.
Oakland, Indian Hills "They'll beat me up for my Gucci handbag!" versus Franklin Lakes, Ramapo "BUT MOM! If I don't have the Gucci Handbag the girls will beat me up!
by TheGman October 03, 2005
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A town in Bergen County were a lot of rich people live but there are also some not so rich people. Some kids are very stuck up and treat people like crap but there are others that are very nice and smart and could care less what designer stuff they have. People from other towns make of the "flakers" and call them stuck up but all the stuck up kids go to ramapo so if you know a flaker that goes to hills or some other school, they're probably not stuck up.
-Did you see that stuck up kid from Franklin Lakes over there?
-Yeah. They go to Ramapo.
by that person over there December 17, 2006
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A sleepy wealthy community that crams over sized houses into an overly small town. There is nothing to do here. There is one shopping center with a Market Basket, Spa, and Starbucks. Tourists are attracted here thanks to shows like "The Real Housewives of NJ". but are disappointed when they see that there is nothing to do here.
Hey watching The Real Housewives of NJ made me want to visit Franklin Lakes.
Nah don't bother its boring. Its just like anywhere else but with bigger houses.
by purplemacbok92 January 19, 2011
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