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One of the best leaders this world has ever seen. No-nonsense kind of guy who actually cared about his people and nation. While you may disagree with his politics of Fascism; you cannot deny that he loved his people and his country. (Spain) He is/was a very misunderstood man in his time and is an unsung hero. (sadly he is often characterized by the left-wing as a villain.)

Side note: I am actually a Cajun from Louisiana state (USA) and not a European but one of my Cajun relatives fought on the Nationalist side during the civil war; in respect to help keep Spain together.

Cajun French people respect Spain because Spain helped us during our attempted genocide by the British Protestants in Nova Scotia (Canada) during the 18th century; who wanted to genocide us because we were Catholics and also wanted to steal the land.

(Spain had to pay for our boats, as refugee's. While the ungrateful French just sat on their asses and did nothing for us....)

If Franco were still alive today and would see how Spain and the rest of Europe had turned out; he would be so ashamed.
Francisco Franco was a true leader and a hero and deserving of respect. Basques, Catalans and Portuguese are just bitter and jealous. Spain (and other European countries) need another good leader like Franco; this is why their country has been in a decline; ever since he passed away.
by Charmouche April 13, 2018
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