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Francine Tortellini is a odd woman with indeed the most annoying laugh on the planet. She is classified as Francine Tortellini because she indeed looks like Francine from the famous PBS Kids show "Arthur." The Tortellini part comes into play when you look at her ears. The appear to be flattened out on the edges and seem to look like whole wheat, burnt tortellini's... How peculiar. Oh and don't even mention her stank teeth... and her Hiesty Huhey... and OH NO! NOT THE FROSTED FLAKES!
Howard: *talking to Phillip* "Remember that *insert non-existent show here*"
Phillip: "Oh Ye ---"
Francine Tortellini: *begging for attention from homo-sapiens of the male gender* "BAHAHHAHAHAHAHAJSHAJHSJ! YESSSS I DOOOO THAAAATT WAAASSSS MYYY SHO ---"
Howard: "Stfu Francine Tortellini bitch , you smell like fish bitch."
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