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Some one pretty nice sweet she is perfect and beautiful and loves to smile she is one of a kind she is funny and so HOT
“Franchelys” someone perfect don’t let her go keep her
by Guesswho1256848297173 May 29, 2020
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She is the center of attention. Full of smiles, she brightens the whole room. She is everyone's friend.
by Francheli January 1, 2017
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An ejaculatory discharge within the oral cavity of a female or male, when after initiated, progesses into a french kiss with said recipiant.
Your mom and I were FRANCHING all night.

In the heat of the moment give that bitch a FRANCH and she wont know what hit her.
by Heppy Miller April 22, 2008
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Abreviation for the flower "Franchipani" used as an insult to incinuate homosexuality.
Go and eat a turd you fucken franch
by timorpatty October 15, 2007
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a great and awesome language created by Alex French in Which contains a combination of French, Spanish, English and Old Tymie Enlglish
1: Boy it is sure is Hot like the dickens out here I should Google (ga gale) how to stay cold (cal de).

2:Man evan is Greasy (Gre Say) that i must smack him with this ping pong Paddle (pad ale).

3:Hola you tis not be in la ganga de la Fresh breath so we as a united people shall overcome ye with brute strength amigo.

4:The Language of Franche is only to be spoken when in the presence of a god such as Alex french.
by Tic Tac Malone September 29, 2012
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word you use to confuse anyone who asks you what kind of salad dressing you would like
"what kind of dressing do you want?"





by Rich August 8, 2004
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a certain kind of cream-based massage.
"she franched the man rod with all he might but Mr. Baggles said he wanted her to stop."
by farm65432189098234 January 26, 2014
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