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Foxx Ommok is a very common insult in maltese, in malta it is easy to hear it every day. It is also used sometimes as a joke or as a greeting(only with friends). This phrase is thought to have been introduced to Malta in the times of The Great Siege of Malta in the final battle between Jean Parisot De La Vallette from the Order Of St John and Dragut from the Ottoman Empire. It is documented that before Dragut was killed he told La Vallette 'Foxx ommok toqtolnix haqq alla' which means 'fuck your mother do not kill me fuck god'. The word has since became part of the colloquial words of the Maltese language.
Foxx ommok - Fuck your mother (used commonly in almost every fight)
Ara foxx ommok min hawn! - Look fuck your mother who's here! (this is usually used to show surprise when you meet someone)
Foxx il-liba ommok - Fuck your semen mother (used when a fight starts to get worse)
Foxx ommok toqtolnix haq alla - Fuck your mother do not kill me fuck god (The sentence which introduced the phrase 'foxx ommok' to the Maltese language'. It was said by Dragut a fighter for the Ottoman Empire.)
by Terence Gatt aka Il-Mulej June 19, 2006
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