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Used to express anger or dismay against any form of authority or general mishap. This phrase came into existence when the price of petrol skyrocketed, and it is documented that approximately 47% of the entire population raised their hands to the heavens and yelled out 'FOXX GONZI!', to the extent that it registered at 2.1 on the Richter Scale.

This phrase is made up of the word 'Foxx', which loosely translates to 'Fuck', and 'Gonzi' referring to Lawrence Gonzi, Prime Minister of Malta.
'Ix-xita? Foxx Gonzi!' (It's raining? Fuck Gonzi!)

'Mhux qed iqumli? Foxx dak il-pufta Gonzi!' ('My dick's gone limp? Fuck that faggot Gonzi!')

'Mar id-dawl? Foxx l-izbub go halq Gonzi!' (The electricity's gone?? Fuck the many dicks in Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi's mouth!')
by Mario il-king September 13, 2011
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