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A tiny charter school in Foxboro, MA that usually yields a graduation class of under 20 students. It's got decent academics depending on the class, a bunch of really bizarre and crazy but amazing teachers, pretty awesome programs and leadership opportunities if you actually care, and less-than-stellar but slowly improving facilities. Athletics kind of suck but that's to be expected. Also known as "FRCS" or "frickiss."
"I went to frickiss."
"Frickiss...the charter know, the Foxborough Regional Charter school. In Foxboro, MA. FRCS. Frickiss."

"...Whatever man."
by amapola June 18, 2006
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Known to students and staff as "FRCS," the Foxborough Regional Charter School is a small K-12 school with less than 800 students in the town of Foxborough, MA. The largest graduating class ever has been a mere 32 students. The high school buildings are comprised of two trailers previously used for a medical facility that now sits on a temporary foundation. The school lacks many school teams, a cafeteria, and teachers that will stay for more than a year. The school has recently decided to use 16 million dollars to expand the school. The school is relatively unknown which often leads to confusion when students explain where they go to school.
"So, your in high school. Where do you go?"
"Well it's a small school in Foxborough, next to Mansfield, close to Norton."
"Where is that?"
"Near Gillette Stadium."
"Just tell me what it's called."
"Foxborough Regional Charter School."
"Whatever, it isn't important."
by Ruben Shams April 27, 2008
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