It is a sensationalist media outlet that perpetuates negative stereotypes against republicans.

Most republicans, like me, don't watch this garbage. It's meritless propaganda, presented with catchphrases like "THE SPIN STOPS HERE"- ironically followed by opinionated commentary.

Fox News is why everyone assumes I hate gay people and muslims just because I have conservative opinions about the economy. I SUPPORT GAY MARRIAGE. I'M PRO CHOICE. But Fox News, day in and day out, convinces America that Republicans are ignorant fucks who want America to be a white-supremacist police state.

I just want you guys to know my opinion on that, me being an insider and all..
Me: I support privatized health care and I believe in the free market.


Me: Thanks a lot, Fox News! >:(
by relates3259082309 July 08, 2010
an Orwellian TV "news" network owned by sensationophile Rupert Murdock. They spew biased "conservative" reports, politically biased claptrap and cutesy-wutesy reports as well as "instant live reports" on so-called celebrities as a way of providing a narcotic for the masses.
I was having breakfast in a hotel lounge in Owensboro, Kentucky last year and the big-screen TV was tuned to FOX News. There was a "Special Report" - Paris Hilton had just been released from the slammer. Whoopie-fucking-doo. People in the lounge were muttering like a bunch of gibbon monkeys: "Paris Hilton, yeah. Nadder nadder nadder..." The hosers that pretended to be news reporters - a middle-age bimbo with a real bad bleach blonde hair job, crossing her legs and wearing makeup smeared on her face, along with two male shallow pinheads with their conformist hairdos and dark blue suits just would not STFU. I wish I had a revolver with me - I would've shot the fucking TV, shattering the screen into shards, you know - like Elvis is known for doing sometimes. TV news today is just unbelievably dumb and full of shit, but the (F)ucking (O)bnoxious (X)enophobe network is probably the worst. Everybody, rise up, gather round, watch some FOX News and become a mindless droid. Never mind thinking for yourself, we'll give you your beliefs for you! Here's the shit. Come and get it!
by Starpunk July 16, 2008
A pesudo-crazy X-TREME Right-Wing News Channel that thinks that Liberals with Communist/COBRA backing are Destroying America. Their stronghold (Fort Sarah Palin) is located in the Northern Hinterlands of Alaska, right next to the world's only Yeti preservation. They also have a secret Volcano Base (Fort Dubya) located by Dr. Evil's (A staunch Liberal, and CEO of Starbucks) Super-Secret Volcano Cidatel, who often launches attacks on them because they load his TV/Supercomputers with lots of Right-Wing/Dwarf Porn Spam.
The motto of FOX News is "Fair and Balanced*", but should be "Fairly Biased."

*Yeah right.
by Volimer February 12, 2010
The punchline to any joke.
Bill: Knock Knock,

Terry: Who's there?

Bill: Fox News.

(Terry laughs hysterically.)
by Incoherent Duck March 10, 2007
A common typo for the corporate lobbyist, i mean news, no actually i mean corporate lobbyist network which is actually spelled faux news. It was initially faux news but roger ailes decided to keep the mistake because he realized few rednecks, i mean Sarah Palin supporters, no I mean rednecks wouldn't know what faux meant and after they found out it was originally a french word most likely boycott the station and say it was "for commies" which is the noun they use for anything they disagree with.
redneck 1: Hey Cletus did you see that fox news last night.

redneck 2: Yeah Festus I was watching it, I'm glad someone else thinks shut up is a good comeback too.
by Madax132 March 04, 2010
UNfair and UNbalanced bullshit that is only watched by close-minded gun-fuckers who are afraid of change.
Fox News gave my uncle cancer. ..
by A_K June 10, 2008
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