Achieving balance and satisfaction in four of the most important areas of life. Those areas are Spiritual, Personal, Financial and Relational.
Stewart wants to build character and improve his life so he learns to balance his personal life with his relationships and work.

Jane wants to be more successful so she works on her spiritual life, her relationships, her finances and her personal life. This will lead to fourfecta
by Earl ME March 25, 2010
When one does or gets 4 great, and sometimes sneaky, things all within a short timeframe. Better than a Trifecta. Not as good as a Fivefecta.
Joe: Are you going to work tomorrow? You've already missed 3 days.

Bill: Nope, I'm going for the fourfecta and calling in sick.

Joe: Cool.
by mike 3k gold July 24, 2005
A girl who has great boobs, butt,face, and a nice voice.
Holy shit! check her out! she's got the fourfecta
by skicero July 22, 2011