Noun Pronunciation: IPA: ˈfɔrˌaɪz/foh-er aiz
Originally coined in 1874 this term was a derogatory phrase used to attack people who wore glasses.
The origins of this word are unknown, but a few theories exist:
1. People thought of the glass lenses as a second set of eyes.
2. Due to how thick lenses used to be, they would sometimes reflect the things around them making it seem like the wearer had more eyes than usual.
This term is typically used by school children with intent to bully but can also be heard in more adult-oriented settings. Though, adults typically use it jokingly.

Its adjective counterpart: "four-eyed"
"Hey, four-eyes, why don't you give me your lunch money?"
"Hey, four-eyes. When are you gonna get your work done?"
Adjective "The four-eyed freak."
by Red Will B May 10, 2022
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this term is used against @cartiissexyasf because she’s blind asf and wears glasses.
shut up four eyes
by cartiissexyasf March 22, 2021
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a derogatory term for people with glasses
Person: You wear glasses, fucking four eyes!
by I am a real person December 20, 2019
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When a woman is sexually aroused and her nipples can be seen through clothing when:
1. it's cold
2. there is a really hot guy
1. Megan: Hey are you cold?
Sam: Why?
Megan: You got four-eyes.
2. Megan: That guy is totally hot!
Sam: Yah, I can tell you got four-eyes!
by E.G.S. May 29, 2007
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An insult for a kid who wears glasses, a phrase a bully would use to take the piss out of the fact the kid wears glasses. very mean if you ask me
-Oi speccy four eyes
-you have speccy four eyes!
-boo hoo hoo
-ha ha ha ha ha ha ha loser
by annnnnna September 27, 2006
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