A state of despair. Originates from a Saturday Night Live cartoon in which a depressed crow purchases a gun for $4 and kills himself.
I failed my graphic design project... I'm so four dollars.
by Zosoo Nog February 7, 2005
A symbol of the rapid gentrification of San Francisco, $4 toast can be traced back to The Mill Cafe, in Alamo Square. An 'artisanal' food craved by the same hipsters that America loves to hate, but that America's young tech elite sucessfully pushed out of the City by pushing rents to the highest level in the nation.

So now cafes in San Francisco are frequented by yuppies with small dogs and kombucha-sipping, origami-enjoying, yoga-worshipping upper-middle class vegan couples.

And toast is four bucks. But hey gay marriage is legal!
Four dollar toast is to SF as the cronut is (was?) to NYC. Inflation will make it alright though.
by IntrepidWesterner July 1, 2015
Fancy words from top feeders
Every job has a position one that blueprints you the correct word if you utter a maleappropriatism

Four dollar words
by Tonythetiler December 11, 2021
Someone who is so obviously flaming gay that the term "three dollar bill" is an understatement.
My new neighbor didn't just come out of the closet, he broke down the closet door...he's a four dollar bill.
by fetmeister May 11, 2009
1.)A lie or fabrication that someone tells you in order to get you to do something that u normally wouldn't. 2.)A lie someone tells you
to pass the blame to some one else.
stop try'n to slip me a four dollar bill! i know u did it!
by meech Young November 18, 2004
Holding a roll of nickels in each fist to aid in punching.
Jimmy the Finger wouldn't disclose the whereabouts of his confederates until Trixie Dixon worked him over with a four dollar special.
by Dr.Tangent March 31, 2009
If one lays down perfectly flat on a sofa and puts his/her feet against one arm and there is still room between his/her head and the opposing arm, THAT is a four-dollar couch.
"Wow, Paul!" said Katie. "This four-dollar couch is great for sleeping!"
by Croquet Martini May 4, 2005