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A school located in Fountain Hills, FHMS makes the High School look like paradise with its constant breakouts in fighting, smoking in bathrooms, and bitchy schoolteachers. Teachers, who teach 6th, 7th, or 8th, are screwed either way. If they're guys, they're perverts. If they're girls, they're either bitchy or slutty. The cafeteria food sucks, except for pasta day, which has good breadsticks. There are the 'popular kids' who are aparantley bringing sexy back, but when given a closer look they look like rats with visible boxers. The only good part of Fountain Hills Middle School is the rather amazing bathroom mirrors, which are fun to sharpie.
I'm going to set crocodiles on every teacher at Fountain Hills Middle School..
by Ricky Martin ZING April 22, 2007
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