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noun/verb foo-BOOSH
Derived from the French term "amuse-bouche", a "fou-bouche" is:

1. A ridiculously dramatic preview of a meal meant to induce hunger, longing and envy. (noun)
2. To gorge on a meal of an unusually large size and elevated level of crazy flavorage. (verb)
3. An amazing hodgepodge of a meal that is delicious, but crazy looking such as: a pizza topped with chicken wings covered in nacho cheese, fries and BBQ spare ribs with blue cheese on the side. (noun)
Chef Gordan Ramsay: BLUE TEAM! You think this is a fou-bouche, yea? Think I'm impressed, yea?
Cook Dwiggins: Well, it's a Turducken stuffed in a roast pig served over a bed of fried calamari and...

Chef Gordan Ramsay: YOU DONKAY! You call that a "fou-bouche?" I think you're a fou-douche!
Cook Dwiggins: But I...
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by IMGFRE June 25, 2016
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