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the most hick town in RI. known for rednecks and hicks. Also is commonly compared to the movie "the hills have eyes" due to fucking creeps that wonder the streets. known for "no school Foster Glocester" is a famous quote. Foster has more keggers than you'd ever imagine and 12 year old kids here could probably drink more beer than the average mother fuckers. Foster party's dirty south style and proud of it. We party in the woods with our red solo cups. Common music played here is country & rap. Country songs usually are about alcohol, typically beer and the rap pertains to banging sluts. We are also home of the ponaganset pothead. only about 1% of the people do not smoke weed in our town. The average family has 1-2 marijuana plants growing in our yard. You can find us on our big green tractors mother fuckers. Chevy & Ford is 99% of the car driving population!
guy1 i went to this banging party last night, i got so fucked up

guy2 where was it bro?

guy1 in Foster, RI i never seen so much pot and beer in my life man it was siick

guy2 dude road trip to Foster mad soon yoo
by sistuuhslick_x3 December 17, 2011
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