A 9-12th grade school, full of white kids who think they’re in a gang. Located in Fort Collins, Colorado. They have what other schools chant “daddy’s money” at sporting events. They aren’t wrong. On a scale of one to ten the average rating is fucking horrible. I watched some kid take a shit on the gym floor.
Fossil Ridge High School sucks ass
by Vladimir bootin December 16, 2020
Fossil Ridge High School is a 9-12th grade high school that is located on the line of Keller & Fort Worth, Tx .The majority of the school is filled with ghetto black people, who insist on making large swarms & having "hoorahs" in the hallway, constantly shouting things such as "Aye" "Nigguh" & "Young Money" while holding up the famous gang sign. Unfortunatly it often results in trampling the classy & sophisticated white & whiter acting black students in the high school.
Fossil Ridge High School
by Drops It Lowe ;) February 17, 2011
Fossil Ridge High school in Keller Texas is an amazing school full of great academics, sports and diversity. When you walk in you will see people from many backgrounds and cultures, almost like a melting pot. The teachers are very loving and supportive toward their students creating a great learning environment. Graduates from Fossil Ridge will say that they will never forget their experience at The Ridge! 😁
Person one- “ Damn Fossil Ridge High School Keller won another football game”.
Person two- “ Hell yeah their an amazing school of course they won”.
by MMMadison October 4, 2021