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for·um schizo·phre·nia, n.

An internet disorder caused by an individual who reads a significantly higher number of blog, forum or comment posts by many unique individuals, to the point of hearing voices in his head that do not correspond to his perceived train of thought.

The pathology behind this disorder is believed to reside behind the individuals 'mental voice' - the voice that speaks the words in an individual's mind as he reads - and the lack of a consistent train of thought due to the brevity and uniqueness of blog, forum and comment posts

i.e. each post has a different writing style, tone, train of thought, point of view, that continuing to read these posts, without a rest period to center one's thoughts, can lead to a lack of sense of self, and beginning to hear one's mental voice speak and think in ways that are foreign to the individual

The reason it is specifically an internet disorder, and not common schizophrenia, is probably due to the style of internet writing. i.e. if a person were to read a book, or magazine article, it's length and sense of closure at the end of the article allows an individual to regain their own train of thought.

Can be commonly found to coincide with Google Amnesia, and Hyperlink ADD
1. First! I'm starting to get confused here; I can't think straight... liek readin' all these fukin' posts from these n00bs is teh gay. Bah! I'm just being a brain fanboy. That urban dictionary post was totally photoshopped. Leik you know, asshat! Wat r u, some 13yo posn llik you're an adult??!? Why do they let these kids in my brain? Linkin Park is my <3<3<3!!!!!111!1!

...OMG I think I'm suffering from Forum Schizophrenia
by Echo Pryce December 06, 2007
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