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An individual who doesn't play on the server who claim to be blessed by the gods of chatrp. They think that chatrp is better than the server but are also trash at chatrp. They claim that they are above people from the server but have an IQ close to a grape.
Forum dwellers are faggots.
by yeet6969420 February 14, 2019
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You've basically lived your life posting or commenting on a forum or group of forums on some nondescript website or platform.

If the forums go quiet longer than 3 hours, you're mentally breaking down.

You should probably find something else to do... but no, you're refreshing the page every minute to check if anyone's said anything.

...Huh. Think it's about time to take a break? No...?

Well fuck.
Person A: Hey, what the fuck are you doing up at 2:51 AM? Look at all these threads, you've been posting since about 20 hours ago! Get some sleep, you're acting like you're some forum-dweller. Please, just get some rest. It's not healthy.

Person B: ...I just want someone to talk to. C'mon, don't do me like this. There isn't much in my life I'd rather be doing.

Person A: Okay, okay. Maybe... you could just get some sleep and then once you wake up, then you'll have some fresh material. You don't have to stare at the forum for hours at a time.

Person B: Fine.
by Achromalia June 16, 2018
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