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A small dusty and crusty town, where in less than 10 minutes you can drive the stip of Fabulous Dickingson Drive. But don't blink too long or you'll miss the oversized Roadrunner statue on the left, which the locals are oh so proud of. Activities consist of going to the one show theater/bowing alley and getting drunk with teenage loosers, or getting dunk and chasing food stamp honneys at the world famous Angel's night club. Careful because that hot apple bottom girl with the matching tits you keep buying drinks is probably 14! So its safer to chase the big body girl, nicknamed "Dually" as in the truck! And then theres the fine crap the locals call food, where you can get a flapjack thin steak from K-Bobs which tastes like french fry greese for some reason, or try the mouth watering TexMex at Jonny Chihuahuas which is blandish and will instanly remind you of the Middle School buritos that were banned in the 90's. One more thing, worth mentioning is the service you get around town....wait a minute there is nothing good to say!
Fort Stockton, TX is also known as the Bum Fuck Egypt of Texas!
by joeallgo January 19, 2011
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