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"The Fort" An Alberta city Northeast of Edmonton in Canada. Heavy on the industrial air pollution. A good place to get a speeding ticket.. or ten. Also a good place to wait in the Tim Hortons lineup for an indefinite amount of time just to have your order royally fucked up.
Want to go watch a movie in Fort Saskatchewan tonight?
No way! The theatre there is a complete piece of shit.
Okay, let's just rent one.
Can't ..all the movie stores shut down.
Shit Balls! That sucks.
You said it.
by diablokrom August 11, 2011
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A city in Alberta with the population of 25,000 located not far from Edmonton. Half of which are skid teenagers smoking behind every local 711 and the other half being old white men who can be found throughout the day at any of the several Tim Horton’s or at the Mc.Donalds. You may notice while in Fort Saskatchewan many new buildings going up. Those will most likely be Liquor Stores, Medical Clinics, or a hair dresser. Fort Saskatchewan already has many of those things, but according to the mayor Gale Ketchur who wears nothing except red, we never have enough. Hockey is a big deal in the city of Fort Saskatchewan so if you happen to be there it’s expected you go see a game. Warning : any teenage girl going near Fort Saskatchewan, 90% of the boys your age there are fuckboys beware and stay safe.
“Want to go to breakfast at Tims in Fort Sask tomorrow”

“Nah it’ll be packed with old people just come to my place for breakfast”

“I went to Fort Saskatchewan for a hockey game and this cute boy gave me his number”
“Delete his number he’s a fuckboy if he’s from Fort Sask”
by rayne1974 February 21, 2018
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