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the shittiest army basic training base in all of America. its hot as hell in the summer and cold as hell in the winter. there is nothing to do there even when training. the Drill Sgts. are all a bunch of dumb asses that waste your time. the only fun thing to do is U.S weapons and M.O.U.T training, Military Operations in Urban Terrain. other than that you waste your time sitting in the barracks cleaning and getting the shit smoked out of you! You cant go anywhere in the grass without getting ticks stuck to your nuts. The entire surrounding area is woods and they go on for hundreds of miles so its useless trying to run away. Its also one of the dumbest training forts for the fact that they train Combat Engineers and MP's (Military Police) right next to each other. the two M.O.S's cant stand each other for the simple fact that MP's are stuck up Pussies and try to arrest us engineers for getting drunk and having a good time, but end up getting hurt. the only town outside of Leonardwood is a small hick town full of strip clubs that have who knows what kind of STD's. quite frankly if you want to join the army dont pick 21B 31B or 74D or your dumb ass will end up in hell!!!
-My son who's in the Army is graduating Basic Training this Friday.

-Oh really where is he?

-In Fort Leonardwood, I'm so proud of him

-Oh you mean Ft. Lost in the Woods jesus i feel sorry for your son.
by Wyler mofukin Tebb November 30, 2009
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