People who go to a high school have about as much interest in the name of the school as they have in the subjects being taught there. Their main interest is getting it over with and graduating. People who play on a sports team have more interest in making money than they do in what the name of the team they play on is.
The people involved in a school/team name change never held the original name sacred, and won't hold the next one sacred either. For 88 years, it never bothered anybody that the Washington Redskins were the Redskins, the name never really raised an eyebrow. Nobody paid the name much attention, then somebody whines about it and they have to make it politically correct so it no longer offends anybody (even though it never seemed to once in 88 years). They can even pick more neutral colors on their jerseys, how would their fans like a team with neutral colors and a lifeless name to go with it? It would be like playing a team called the neutered Bulldogs dressed in tiny pajamas versus the toxic, rabid, drug-fed junkyard Bulldogs.
by Solid Mantis October 14, 2020
A collection of people who live in hunterdon county who have no lives. Including but not limited to
You dude Team Fallout is so good at COD4
by You NO ME September 11, 2008
a really good rugby team who last won the 6 nations in 2018. their home colours are dark green and white and they play their home games at the AVIVA stadium in dublin. the furthest they have ever got in a rugby world cup was the quarter finals with their last being in 2019
by big fat tubby January 8, 2023
One could be considered ‘captain of the silly team’ if they are furiously inebriated at a function. Taking substances such as drugs or alcohol with the pals often cause users to act suspiciously silly, hence the inclusion of silliness in the name. You can also be considered Co-captain of the silly team, and any other rank can follow suit.
Dave was definitely the Captain of the Silly Team last night. My boy nearly tried to operate heavy machinery!
by howiebling1 January 9, 2023
Hey you should go join team sponge at https:/!/about
by Despacit0 July 15, 2019
A group of Missouri gangstas who live an outta control lifestyle and are known for there i don't give a f*** attitude.
Team Tators is rollin' deep in this club tonight.
by R.D. December 5, 2004
Team Tag isnt a real word Tissoo!
Tissoo: ima team tag ur mom
Me: thats not a real word moron
by itsnugut November 1, 2022