Derivatives of: “For crying out loud” “For FUCKITY FUCK FUCK’s Sake” An expression of contempt, anger, annoyance or frustration at what someone is fucking up, when a person is acting like a fucktard, or at a WTFAAAACCCKKKK situation that is unfolding.
For Fuck’s Sake!!! Mitch McConnell has won the “Richard Cranium” of the century award for doing more in living memory to undermine the functioning of the US government.
by FashMaria November 15, 2019
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A mixture between for wtf and confusion, with a little bit of annoyance mixed in.
For fucks sake, Jim pull you damn penis out of my computer's floppy drive!
by The Dalai Llama November 09, 2003
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When you patience is wearing thin with either a person or person's or a particular task that is not going your way at the time..
For fuck's sake if i have to go to your house again and your not home i will be annoyed.....Love you honey...MWAH
by GS71 November 15, 2016
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Look at all these "slang" terms in the urban dictionary which aren't slang or don't even mean anything. They should all be deleted for fucks sake.
by Saucy August 14, 2003
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Mistaken spelling of the phrase 'for fuck's sake', meaning 'for the sake of fuck' derived from 'for god's sake' (for the sake of god)
"I've lost all your money on the dog races"
"fuck sakes!" (incorrect)
"for fuck's sake!" (correct)
by alexio October 03, 2008
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